It's Been Fun

Today is the last day of the Ultimate Blog Party. It's been fun, y'all! Thanks to all who stopped by for a visit. We enjoyed having you. :-)

For now, an Audio Adrenaline song is running through my head. I think it's a bit appropriate! Enjoy. :-)

"It's Over" from Audio Adrenaline's "Underdog" album

Farewell, so long to you
We've come to the end of the night
It's all been wonderful
A lovely and wonderful time
Say goodnight to
All the friends who
Rocked and rolled beside you
It's over
It's all over now
Is it all over?
Or has it just begun?
By the way, what do y'all think of the new header? Those pictures were taken the summer before Beth and I entered our senior year of high school. Despite deceiving appearances, the first picture on the left and the last picture on the right are indeed two different pictures. :-) I like how we were able to start and end in the exact same positions!

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  1. une_fille_d'Ève said...
    Very fun pix of you two!

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