Settling In

I've got iced tea brewing on the stove, and a tall glass of iced coffee next to me while I type on our kitchen table, which is an old desk converted for the purpose. It is simply wonderful to have a kitchen table again! The baby is sitting next to me, relatively content in her brand new high chair.

We're still getting settled, but this place is beginning to feel more and more like home. We've had to purchase an amazing amount of stuff we never thought of (Shower curtain rings! Lawn mower! Shelves to create more closet space!), but we were sort of expecting it. We've been running from one thing to the next, trying to get everything up and running. We've only just gotten the internet an hour ago.

The cats are settling in surprisingly well. We're were afraid they would miss the back balcony, but they absolutely love the big space and bird watching out the back door. We went ahead and purchased a bird feeder for them, and I can see two birds checking it out right now. Lily especially loves watching the birds outside.

Stu is going to set up a folder in our Flickr account so that I can post tons of pictures of my gardening progress. I took a whole bunch of the weeds overtaking our yard, and they should be up soon. I'll also post some shots here once I find the time.

I'm loving the SAHM thing and can't wait to blog more. Baby is getting fussy, so that's it for now.

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