Baby Stuff Overload

A pregnant friend of mine sent me a picture of her the other day, so we could all see how far along she is. At 37 weeks, she's counting the days! I've been reflecting on that and realizing that that will be me in 15, no, make that 14 weeks. Yikes! I began skimming websites with baby stuff and feeling way more than slightly overwhelmed. So I'm going to ask for advice, starting near the beginning, one thing at a time. I've already decided on a crib and car seat, so here's my first question:

I'm adamant about cloth diapering, but feel utterly lost when looking at all the products available. What all does a new mother need? I also want diapers that can grow with the baby, so I'm not constantly having to buy new ones. And since we plan on having more kids (someday), I would like something that is durable. Any thoughts?

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It's June Already?

Time flies so fast! I've been so busy that I've neglected the blog again--I looked up and it's already June 10th!

Lots of my time has been consumed with the joy of cooking new and wonderful things. I've had cravings for Indian and Greek food the past few weeks, so I've been browsing the Indian cookbook my hubby got me for my birthday for inspiration. I've found gorgeous produce at the farmers market the past few weeks--I love summer veggies and I'm excited to try new recipes with eggplant, squash, and peppers.

Really, all I can think about is food.

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