Launching "The Nurturing Mama"

Check out my new blog! Entitled The Nurturing Mama, I'll be talking about family, faith, food, and more. Of course, there will be plenty of Maddie updates. Please update your links and RSS feeds and head on over there!

This will be the last post on Onward and Upward, although I may go through and add more links from here to there. It's been fun, and thanks for reading!

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A Fresh Start

I've been daydreaming for weeks about where to go and what to do with this blog. It was originally begun by my friend Ashley and I as a way to encourage other working wives who had yet to pass through the gates of motherhood. Eventually, Ashley bowed out because of other commitments, which left me with the reigns. I decided to keep posting here, mainly because of a lack of desire to create a new blog. The focus eventually shifted to being a blog with nothing more than updates.

Now the time has come. I'm so excited about shifting gears and finding another voice. My new blog is now in the works, and I'm hoping to launch it within the coming weeks. Instead of the original, other-focused purpose of Onward and Upward, it will be personal; a reflection on motherhood and my personal journey in that realm. I plan on discussing what I'm passionate about: faith, family, good food, and playing in the dirt. And how they all connect.

Stay tuned and check back for the new site soon!

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