Goodbye and Goodnight

I think you can probably guess what kind of post this is from the title.

We've always said that working full-time and taking care of the home full-time can be a tough job. And, well, throwing multiple blogs in there just makes it even tougher. Unfortunately, I haven't mastered my time so well that I'm able to do all of those things to the best of my ability (and being the perfectionist that I am, I settle for nothing less).

So... I have opted to bow out from Onward & Upward for the time being. Don't worry, Beth will still be here posting as she can! But for now I'm going to be focusing a little more on other priorities. (You know you've let things slide when you tell your husband you're going to blog less, and he cheers. Oops!)

But the good news for all of you is that I am still going to be present on the blogosphere! I have been and will continue to update my personal blog, which can be found over at Please come over there and visit me, as I plan to post fairly frequently as time allows.

Goodbye for now!

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