This coming year I am hoping to spend much more time reading, both the Bible and any other quality book I can get my hands on. I have learned so much this past year in my readings, but I feel like I have only nipped the tip of an iceberg. To keep myself motivated (and accountable) I plan on updating my "Currently Reading" selections more frequently, and I am keeping track of everything I read in 2008 in the sidebar as well. (I listed Jane Eyre as completed in 2008, even thought I read the bulk of it in 2007, so it isn't entirely cheating.)

I also found a blog hosting "The 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge," and I am planning on jumping in this as well. The basic gist is that there will be one short Puritan book "assigned" each month, and the host will be giving background information and such for each book. I have been meaning to read some of the Puritan classics, but never knew where would be a good place to start. I'll be keeping a button for this on my sidebar as well.

Finally, if anyone has any great books that changed your life, provided wonderful encouragement, etc, please let me know and I will add it to my "must read" list!

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  1. Stu said...
    Rapid Interpretation of EKGs changed my life. I highly recommend it. *waiting for slap on backside of head*
    Beth said...
    Way to comment on my blog, Hubby dear.

    I will definitely add that to my "must read" list. I bet it is a real heart-stopper!

    (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
    ashley @ twentysixcats said...
    The funniest cat book I've ever read is "The Cat Who Came in from the Cold" by Deric Longden. You will be cracking up the whole time. I highly recommend it. :-)
    Beth said...
    Thanks for the suggestion Ashley! I need a good, light book to add to my list.
    麻辣火鍋Fay said...

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