The Great Closet Clean-up

In light of Ashley's latest post, I thought I'd get inspired and tackle the decluttering of my closet. I was planning on getting to this soon anyway ;-).

Hmmm. This might take some work. I'll have to break it down, section by section. And I'm going to have to throw away a lot of junk! I'll try to keep you posted on my progress. Pray for me!

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  1. Ashley said...
    Hey! What's that purple skirt from in the right side of your closet? ;-)

    I'm working on my closet too. It's a mess... Anyone have any ideas about what to do with a wedding dress?
    zan said...
    I still have my dress hanging in my parent's closet after almost three yrs. I don't like to look at it because it makes me sad.

    Seeing the picture of the messy closet doesn't make me feel so bad about my organizational skills. Keep up the good encouragement! ; )
    Ashley said...
    Why does looking at your dress make you sad, Zan?? *That* makes me sad!
    dong dong23 said...

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