Decluttering and Yard Sale-ing

I think one of the things that makes a room look messy is clutter. I can't stand it, to tell you the truth. I just want to hide it all away - I'm a big fan of junk drawers, trunks, etc. I am a minimalist when it comes to decorating - a few well placed decorations, now that makes me happy. :-)

Recently, Paul and I have been going through our things trying to get rid of all that is unnecessary. We have already taken one load to Goodwill and are about to take another load. As we empty out and organize the closet, I keep saying over and over, "Is this really worth taking up space?" Our apartment isn't that big, and we will be moving at least twice, and probably more, in the next few years.

I was thinking about this when reading Amy's post today about Reduction Production. Of course, she was referring to more financial aspects, but I think it can apply to material goods too. I also came across this post at Sparrow's Nest about Yard Sale Etiquette. She had a lot of great tips about having a yard sale. We don't have enough things for a yard sale (nor do we have a yard!), but I thought some other people might find it interesting and helpful. :-)

This weekend will be back to sorting, organizing, cleaning, and parting with junk. :-)

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  1. Nichole said...
    I am the same way with my decorations and the concept of clutter. :) I have a bunch of stuff right now that I want to get rid of. Too bad we couldn't have a block yard sale together. Maybe when we have enough stuff to stretch across the east coast. :)

    ps - yes, I ought to sign into GAIM or we ought to have a phone date soon.

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