One Month, One Week

One month. That's how much longer until I get to start my dream job, and begin a brand new chapter. I can't believe just how quickly the years here in Houston have flown. We left Chattanooga as newlyweds and fresh college grads to really begin our lives in a brand new city. Stu continued in school, while I launched my career. We found a great church and wonderful friends.

We're leaving 4 years older, hopefully a little wiser, with 2 cats and a baby. We're going to start afresh, with new friends and a new church. We'll have to establish a new routine. I cannot wait to stay at home with Maddie and run our household full-time.

One week. That's how much longer until Maddie is no longer in daycare. We love the people there, but we are ready to have her be taken care of by one of us. (We also can't wait to not have this as an expense!) Stu has the month of May off, so while I'll still be working, he'll get to play stay at home daddy.

It's hard to believe just how close we are to such big changes! It's almost like we have senioritis in high school--we can't wait to be done!

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