Alabama, here we come! (and other various randomness in list form)

I have to take off of work today, since our daycare was closed for the holiday. I thought I'd take a moment and update with all news from around here.

--We're going to Birmingham! Stu was accepted into the residency program at the University of Alabama. We are so excited about this, since we'll be only 2 1/2 hours from friends and family in Atlanta! Match Day itself was quite an exciting day--lots of good food and a wonderful time with friends.

--Speaking of Match Day, they have a "jackpot" tradition at the school. Everyone that matched is called up one at a time to receive an envelope with their residency location recorded inside. As they come up to the stage, they drop a dollar in a basket. At the end, the very last name called gets to keep all of the money in the basket. Guess who won? I think Stu was so flustered by the end that he wasn't as excited as I was, but we won $180! He stays he felt panicked that there had been a mistake and he hadn't matched at all. Poor guy!

--Two weekends ago we flew to Alabama to find a house! We felt that with the market the way it is now, and the fact that we need more space, it was time to buy. House-hunting was so much fun! We spent 2 days searching. I wish I could say we found the perfect house, but it didn't quite work out that way. Hubby found one he loved (a new house that needed no work), and I got my heart set on another (an older home where the laundry was separate from the house, meaning a walk in the rain to wash clothes) We had to compromise on this one, and went with the new house. I guess that's part of being married! The house will be cute with some work, though, and the garden is a complete blank slate. All that's out there is sod! I'm going to have so much fun back there.

--Maddie is starting solids now. She seemed eager to eat our foods, plus she's been Miss Fussypants and I think it's because she's teething. I fed her some rice cereal, and she loved it! She kept opening her mouth for more. My little girl is growing up so fast!

--Work has been terribly frustrating the past month or so. I don't want to get into details, but I just really needed to vent a bit. I'll post more details after my last day (May 22nd!), but if you're curious you can e-mail me.

--I probably won't post much, if at all, until after we move. We'll be so busy wrapping things up, packing, etc, that I just don't think I'll have much time for blogging. Hopefully, once I'm staying home with Maddie, I'll find the time to post more regularly.

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