It comes with a REMOTE

Oh. My. Goodness.

I had completely forgotten just how wonderful it is to possess a remote control. We've been flipping stations manually for about a year now. The TV we have is one Hubby's dad no longer used, and he had lost the remote long before. (And I know about universal remotes, but this TV brand is so special that it doesn't work with them.)

At least we don't have cable, so we only flipped between 2 stations.

We got the coupon for our converter box in the mail the other day, and we were so excited that Stu went out today and bought one. Being the handy-dandy man that he is, he hooked it up no problem and got the digital TV working. And it is awesome--the stations come in clearly, and we even have more than we started with! All for the $20 after using the coupon.

When Stu opened the box to the converter, both of us did a giddy dance to celebrate the new remote that was an unexpected surprise. Now I can nurse the baby and change the channel all at the same time!

Oh, and for those who want to see what the baby looks like now, here's a random picture:

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