What We Decided

I mentioned awhile back that we were deliberating over our residency program choices, and last weekend we finally hashed it all out and submitted our ranking!

So here it goes:

Columbia, SC
St. Louis
Charlottesville, VA
Augusta, GA

You'll notice that this list is way different from the one before. The Chattanooga and Augusta programs were just not really good enough, so they went lower on the rankings. St. Louis and Charlottesville were much better programs than I gave them credit for, so up higher they went.

Stu feels that the Nashville program (at Vanderbilt) is very competitive and so he probably won't get in there, but we went ahead and ranked it first anyway. So, we may end up with our 2nd or 3rd choice, and we feel that both would be awesome.

Match Day is a little later than I realized--it's on March 19th this year. So it's still one month away before we find out where we'll be! Be praying that it all works out for the best! :-)

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  1. ashley @ twentysixcats said...
    Oooh I'm excited! It seems that it's most likely you'll end up within 4 hours from me! :-D That's exciting. My cousin lives in Columbia - I'm actually going there next month (the weekend before your birthday) to visit her. Is Stuart excited? I'm glad he has so many good options. I'm thrilled about you being closer and I hope that we're able to see each other a lot. :-)
    Marianna said...
    I saw your comment at Sallie's and had to click over. Good luck on getting one of your top three! Match day is such an exciting day. I am glad to be through with the ensuing five years, however. What program is your husband entering?
    Beth said...
    Hi Marianna! My husband is planning on doing his residency in Emergency Medicine.
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