First Stroller Ride

I can't believe Maddie is already 4 weeks old! Since the weather was beautiful, we took her out in the stroller for the first time, and she seemed to really enjoy it. We've been using the sling to carry her around for the most part, since it's easier and she loves that too, but the stroller will be great for small excursions to McDonald's and what not. Plus it has handy-dandy cup holders.

Also, the kitties had a mild protestation at the removal of their stroller. Lily climbed into it as we were getting ready to leave, and then nipped at Stu when he tried to shoo her out of it. After we left, Stu ran back to grab the camera, and found Lucy sitting in the vacant spot. Ah, kitties.

Stu has edited the shots from today and set it to music. I think it's really cute! :-)

Maddie's First Stroll from James Booth on Vimeo.

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  1. Emily said...
    I just stumbled upon your blog today and was surprised to see that you have a daughter named Madeline Grace! That is my 12 year old's name also. Great choice of name and a beautiful baby too! :)
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