My Kitty Learned a New Trick

While watching American Idol, I happened to glance over at the built-in bookcase to see my fat cat with her paws on the second shelf, perusing the titles we have there. Then, she decided to glance at one further, and proceeded to pull it off the shelf to see the cover. She's such a bookworm! :-)

Naturally, the book falling on the floor startled her and she didn't try to read it further. Ah well. I'm glad to know she's interested.

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  1. ashley @ twentysixcats said...
    You know, when Koko did this in the Cat Who... mysteries, it meant that he was trying to give you a clue to solve a murder. You should read those books - they're great!
    Stu said...
    Lucy pulled out Albert Camus' The Plague. She's trying to follow in her daddy's existential footsteps and wrestle with the angst of meaninglessness. Like poor sisyphus and his rock, lucy is struggling to come to terms with a life of sleep-eat-sleep-whine-eat-sleep.
    Beth said...
    I just didn't realize Lucy was so brilliant! Solving a murder and wrestling with the angst of meaninglessness. All in one day!

    She must really take after her mother. ;-)

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