More on My Recent Cleaning Efforts

I spent a few hours last weekend rooting through all the stuff in my closet, and feel that I only came a little closer to getting it all clean. The picture below is after I removed one trash bag of junk and one of stuff for Goodwill. It's kinda depressing to see how much farther I need to go!

I'm sure in the long run this cleaning adventure will be for my benefit. I can't remember where I saw this, but I think it was A Gracious Home: that when purging stuff, one should consider every item, even sentimental ones, on whether it would be replaced if it was lost in a fire. Pondering over that remark really makes me reflect on most of the stuff I have in that closet; items I never use and only see every 6 months. I hold on to things because I remember how much money I blew on them when I thought they were important, or I can remember who gave me such and such and I don't want to hurt their feelings by throwing it away even though it's been in the closet for five years.

This weekend I planning on doing some more purging. Hopefully I can dump another trash bag full.

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  1. ashley @ twentysixcats said...
    Hey! I'm reading Little Women too! :-) I haven't read it in years. It's been fun to relive the story, which was a favorite in my childhood.
    Beth said...
    I've only read the first half (many years ago), and upon rereading it I have discovered how little I actually remember! Most everything that seems familiar is from the Winona Rider movie version.

    I absolutely love it though! I think I might read other of Alcott's books.

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