Vintage Clothing

I might have mentioned this before, but I am a huge vintage clothing fan. I think it all started with my fascination with the 1940s (thanks to a story I co-wrote with Ashley back in 7th grade), then it expanded to include clothing from the 1930s and 1950s as well. I'm not sure why exactly I find the clothes so pretty, but I do.

I recently found a dress pattern at the fabric store while purchasing supplies for another project. I fell in love with it, and since it was on sale for only 2 dollars, I went ahead and bought it. I finished it just in time for my cousin's wedding over New Year's, and here I am wearing it. (That's my sister Lauren in the picture with me. Sorry it's blurry!)

I shortened the skirt to a more modern hem, but otherwise kept it the same. I'm wearing a silver shawl in the picture, but I have enough fabric from the dress left over to make the matching shrug from the pattern as well. The pattern itself was inspired by a dress from the 1930s.

I would love to be able to sew well enough to make my own vintage inspired designs. I had so much fun making this dress, and I learned a lot as well.

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