Sunday Ponderings: Dreams and Dysfunction

All I can think about right now is that fact that the Colts just lost, so my apologies that this post is short and incoherent. :-(

Today our pastor started his sermon series on Joseph. The passage for the day was from Genesis 37: 2-13,18-37 which is the passage where Joseph has his dreams about his brothers serving him, and the one in which he is sold into slavery. Our pastor discussed three themes from this passage. The first regarded dreams, the second family, and the third God's providence.

What I recall the most from the sermon was his discussion of God's providence. In Genesis 37, God is not mentioned at all. It may seem as if God is not involved in the lives of His people, or that the characters in this story are outside of God's control. It may seem like that in our own lives as well. Looking to later chapters, we find that God is orchestrating behind the scenes, as He uses Joseph to redeem His people during the Near East famine of the time. It is always good to be reminded of this during times of trouble.

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  1. ashley @ twentysixcats said...
    Aww the Colts lost? :-( My mom said they weren't playing very well.
    ashley @ twentysixcats said...
    I mean, yes, what delightful deep theological insights you have. ;-)
    Anonymous said...
    What do you think, please, of Obadiah Shoher's interpretation of the story? (here: ) He takes the text literally to prove that the brothers played a practical joke on Yosef rather than intended to murder him or sell him into slavery. His argument seems fairly strong to me, but I'd like to hear other opinions.

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