I set a few goals for myself this past weekend, and so far I have been able to sorta keep up. Tonight I made turkey broth with a leftover bird I purchased at Thanksgiving for 37 cents a pound. It's been chilling in my freezer ever since. With the leftover meat I made turkey salad for tomorrow's lunch, and I have also prepped the dough for tomorrow's calzones. But enough about food, I seem to have mentioned it frequently as of late.

At the beginning of the year, I mentioned my probable participation in the Puritan Read-a-long, but I have yet to receive the books I ordered. I've heard that the company I ordered from has received so many that they are running low on stock! I'm sure that's why it's taking so long. I'm still hoping to play along, but for now it looks like I will have to sit this out. I tried to reserve a copy of the first book at the library, but I guess Puritan greats are not high on the "must-read" list for the general public, so they did not have a copy. :-(

Oh, and I just won an adorable 1950s sweater from ebay. It will look adorable with a pair of jeans and a white-colored shirt. This was a treat for me using money received from Christmas, and I plan to use the rest of it for other fun, but more necessary things, such as socks. All mine have holes!

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