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I'm finally back from my wonderful vacation! I'll be posting about that (with pictures!) shortly. I would have had them up last night, but I had a horrific migraine that knocked me out all evening. If these don't subside, I'm going to have to head to the doctor. Please pray that they I don't have another anytime soon!

Also, I will be hosting the Carnival of Beauty this week. I'm very excited to present "The Beauty of Summer." Please have all submissions to me by 9 p.m. central time today, so I can be sure to have the Carnival post up for all the early birds on Friday morning! Thanks so much!

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  1. ashley@twentysixcats said...
    What the doctor is going to tell you if you go:
    Keep a headache journal. Write down when you get a headache, and any other details you think might be valuable. When it started, where the pain was concentrated, when it subsided, what you ate that day, anything else that might have triggered it - heat, sleep, glasses/contacts, etc. The doctor isn't going to be able to help you without that kind of information, so you can start collecting the data now. You might be able to even figure it out on your own!
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