The Beauty of Summer


Just the thought makes me think of swinging in the hot backyard and quickly coming inside for a tall glass of Coke. And kickball on the cul-de-sac. And the ice cream man. Summer has changed since I was a child, but it has not become less meaningful.

We only have two submissions this week, but I think both capture the joy and sweetness of summer. Head on over to A Picturesque Life and enjoy Bethany's post about her seemingly "love-hate" relationship with summer. A snippet:

My mostest favoritest season of all is still summer. To this day, I can’t quite figure it out. It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s miserable….but I love it.
I also muse on the preciousness of summer and my time with my family in my post entitled "Summertime:"
Summer to me is many things, but most importantly, it is the time to reconnect with family and rejuvenate after a season of hard work.
So grab an ice cold Coke (or sweet tea if you prefer) and enjoy!

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  1. amanda said...
    Oh thank you so much for hosting!!!

    I've been so out of this week since I was sick. . . .
    Susanna said...
    Hi Beth and thank you for hosting:)
    Bethany said...
    Thank you for hosting the carnival this week! :D
    amanda said...
    Beth, I've passed an award onto you . . .

    Check it out:
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