Accepting my Kitchen Pt. 1

I probably shouldn't be starting another series when I'm trying to work on another, but this post would be way too big to post as one. Don't worry, I'll post my second entry for "Women in the Workforce" later this week.

My kitchen isn't exactly the prettiest to behold. Nor is it the biggest. Our kitchen is little more than cracker box sized, which easily gets overwhelmed with all my clutter. As I've been going through this year, I've been slowly but surely cleaning out cabinets, and I've been much better about using up all the food I buy. However, my heart and soul have not been in really getting the place looking nice. I really want my kitchen to be not only functional, but also beautiful, which as you can see, it is definitely not.

I would really love the kitchen to be a deep red/burgandy, with accents of green, gold, and blue. However, because we live in an apartment, it's not practical for me to paint, so I've had to find other creative ways to liven up the place. As you can see above, there is storage space above the cabinets, which will be great to display treasured knick knacks!

Here are pictures with a much better view of the clutter.

These pictures show my kitchen before I reorganized. This is actually what I considered "clean." As you can see, the clutter is taking over! My plan was to get rid of unnecessary items, reorganize the stuff, and try to find a more efficient system in the kitchen for doing daily tasks. More importantly, my goal was to make the room a joy to be in. I planned on spending less then $10 on organizational items such as plate stands. Everything else I use I planned to make myself.

Next time I'll post the after pictures and what I did to get the new look. Stay tuned!

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  1. Lydia said...
    Looks like a good project for spring cleaning! Thanks for sharing your ideas and the pics.
    Keziah said...
    Looking forward to seeing the new look. I'll have to sell my flat soon as I prepare to move for work, so I have been a dedicated declutterer and cleaner as I prepare for packing!
    Beth said...

    I understand how that goes! When Hubby and I moved to Texas a few years ago, we had to downsize from ~1300 square foot house to a 700 square foot apartment. We had to get rid of a lot of stuff! While it was hard at first to part with some things, it helped us realize that the things in our lives are not important. We don't miss anything we left, and in fact feel much freer from getting rid of all the stuff. I'm hoping my spring cleaning this month will have a similar effect!

    Hope your move goes well!

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