I was wondering what my first main "project" could be while celebrating my Year of Abundance, when it was wonderfully thrown in my face. I was invited to a baby shower this past week, and I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to try to make something for the mother-to-be, instead of buying something at the store. I thought I'd try my hand at knitting something (like a hat or booties), but I didn't think I had the needles or skill in order to make something. So far I can knit, but not purl. I've only just learned this over Thanksgiving.

Then I thought about all of that fabric in my closet. I love blue and yellow together, and I found that I had previously purchased tons of fabric in those colors that I had never used. (And since the happy couple don't yet know the gender of their baby, I thought this combination would be perfect.) I found a simple pattern online and began quickly, since I only had 5 days.

Once I cut up all the fabric and began sewing, I realized that I didn't have enough of light blue and yellow floral fabric. Instead of panicking and buying a suitable replacement, as I didn't have another similar fabric, I decided to make the corner blocks with a solid yellow square instead. (It's hard to make out, but you can tell the top right and bottom left squares are different.) So here is the finished result!

The whole thing was done by machine, a first for me. I've only hand quilted before, but because of time constraints and my newfound knowledge of sewing from making skirts, I found machine quilting wasn't that hard after all. Also, the quilt is only 3 feet squared, so that made it easy as well.

I was quite happy with how this came out. And it was all free! In the end, I'm so glad I tried to make something by hand, and I hope it will be more meaningful for my friend than if I had quickly picked something up at the store.

On a different note, I've begun walking to work. I used to take the light rail in to work, since I only had to travel 2 stops north to my job. However, the light rail recently discontinued a five dollar monthly pass, which I used to purchase for my rides. Now, the monthly rate is $31.50, which is very difficult to cram into Hubby's and my monthly budget.

Now, I walk to work, which in itself has become a great blessing. I now have more time to reflect on the Word, and on top of that I get great exercise. The walk is 25 minutes one way, and half of the journey is indoors, so I should be fine when rain comes. (It doesn't really get cold here in Texas.)

Next up, I plan on cleaning out the kitchen: reorganizing, finding cans of food I never knew I had, getting rid of old appliances I never use, etc. Anyone want a almost-never-been-used waffle maker or George Foreman grill?

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  1. Susan said...
    How beautiful, Beth. That will be such a special gift to your friend. I've mostly machine quilted, and it's so quick in comparison to hand sewing! I love the pattern you picked.
    Ashley said...
    How do you not use your George Foreman grill??? That's my all-time favorite appliance! :-) W use ours all the time - mostly for hamburgers (one of my favorite meals), chicken, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Hmm now I'm hungry...
    Ashley said...
    By the way, I liked the quilt you made. :-) How long did it take you? That will be so special for the parents!
    Nichole said...
    Some of the best things happen out of necessity! The other day, Micah's nephew had a Birthday party. We couldn't afford to go out and buy wrapping paper, so we took some leftover mailing paper and painted it! Although he's only four and too young to appreciate it, his mom loved the sentiment. :)
    une_fille_d'Ève said...
    How neat, Beth! I love hearing about ways people find to save money.
    The quilt is beautiful.
    Holly Burnham said...
    The quilt is lovely and will be appreciated....however, because I am a passionate knitter, I am going to encourage you to pick up those needles and make something.
    Beth said...
    Hi Holly! I do plan on picking up the needles and knitting more! I'm just about to finish my first project--a very very easy scarf. I hope to learn more knitting techniques soon. :-)

    Ashley--It only took 5 days to make, but a bit to the neglect of my Hubby and house. I've been catching up this past weekend. Oh, do you have any other good uses for the George Foreman grill?

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