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A few snippets from blog readings today...

Shannon at "Rocks in My Dryer" needs your help! She is trying to collect 675 comments on her blog of people letting her know where they live. Shannon and her boys will then mark the locations on a map. (This is their pass-the-time-while-icebound game. :-)) As of now, she has over 400 comments so head over there and add your input! (Besides, it's fun to see where everyone is from!)

Jules at "Everyday Mommy" is hosting the First Annual Hidden Treasure Blog Awards. Head over there to read the rules and then begin your own treasure hunt. :-)

Kelli at "Living in Grace" responded to BooMama's fundraising drive here. Almost $8800 was raised to help Kelli and her kidney transplant!

Lizzie at "A Dusty Frame" has a thought-provoking post about loving those who hurt you. I discovered her blog recently, and am challenged by her openness and honesty. She's going through some difficult times, but God is teaching her so much and I admire that she's willing to share it with the rest of us.

Joanna at "Keeping Feet" wrote some interesting things about statistics regarding marriage and our society today.

What are some posts you have read and enjoyed recently?

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  1. Lydia said...
    I don't know if you have ever read Solo Femininity by Carolyn McCully, but if not you should head over there. She has been doing a series on preparing for marriage while single (and even though I realize that it doesn't really apply to either of you two) I think the posts are still excellent and beneficial. She had a post a few weeks back about hospitality that really encouraged me.

    Great idea to have your readers share about neat blogs or articles they have found.


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