Frugal Friday

This past week, I wasn't feeling well. Among other things, I was having horrible cramps. As I was lying in bed bemoaning womanhood and all sorts of stuff, Paul asked me if there was anything he could do. When I mentioned a hot water bottle would be nice, but we didn't own a hot water bottle, he disappeared into the kitchen. Soon he came back with an ingenious creation: he poured uncooked rice into a clean sock and then put it into the microwave for about a minute. It was deliciously warm and heavy enough that it gave the perfect amount of pressure. When I was done with it, I just needed to wash the sock and Paul can wear it again! Paul said we could probably cook and eat the rice too, but I guess I don't trust the cleanliness of his socks. :-)

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  1. Lines From The Vine said...
    I love rice socks! I have just posted a pattern (last week, I think) on sewing one! There is nothing like for delivering heat!
    We keep one in the freezer as well for little bumps and bruises.

    Our favorite use: my children heat them and slide them under their bed covers at night during the colder months....they have a nice toasty bed to climb into!

    Susan said...
    I'll have to show you my rice heating pad next time you're here. The Zeglen girls made it for me. It's very handy and reportedly easy to make :). How clever of Paul to think of that solution!
    beth said...
    Wow, what a great husband! :-D Points for Paul!
    Ashley said...
    Tracy: What a great idea, about putting them in the bed! I never thought of that. It reminds me of Little House in the Prairie days when they would put hot bricks in the beds to keep warm. :-)
    Anonymous said...
    for those of you that have kids, or when you do have kids, warm rice socks work for relieving gas in their little baby bellies too!
    Charity Grace said...
    I'll be using this one!
    Mrs.B. said...
    What a great idea Ashley! (o:

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