Hunkering Down *Update*

*Update* As far as we know, the power is still out all over the city. We headed up to Dallas instead of holding out. Hubby Dear posted several pictures we took while heading out--check out his blog (The Scut Report, on my sidebar) to see those.

We're still here in Houston anticipating the coming storm. We're far enough from the coast not to have to worry about storm surge, and being on the 3rd floor of our apartment complex, we don't have much to worry about in the way of flooding. Wind damage may be the only issue.

We're just chilling here with the cats right now, and I'm hoping to get some projects done before the power goes out. All of our prep work is done--we've got water, snacks, and brought in our all our balcony stuff. We're expecting to get the worst around 1 a.m. tomorrow, so be praying for us! I'll post again once the power returns.

Lily longing to be outside:

Not much longer and I don't think she'll want to be out there anymore!

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