Yay! I found contacts I like

I recently got another migraine after a long day of computer use and decided to head back to the eye doctor for another contact lens prescription. I might have mentioned it before, but my migraines are all eye strain induced, so I've been wearing my contacts less and less since the strain was starting to be more noticeable, and I really don't want to have to take migraine medication while pregnant. I was also due for another eye doctor appointment anyway--it had been almost 2 years since I've been!

Anyway, so I got new contacts and so far I love them. They are much more breathable than my previous pair, and my doctor informed me that I can wear them for a week straight without taking them out for cleaning. Each lens lasts a month! I'm loving this and think it will be great for me when I'm a new mom, since I know I will frequently forget about the lens and leave it in.

I also figured my prescription changed quite a bit, but I found out it barely changed at all, which makes sense since my glasses aren't giving me trouble, and they're the same prescription as the old contacts. My doctor told me how the brand of previous contacts tends to overcorrect, so that could be the cause of my strain. It all makes sense! Also, apparently I have pregnancy-induced astigmatism--who knew that could happen? I've never had astigmatism before, and my doctor figures it will go away and didn't correct for it (it's only slight, and I can still see 20/20).

All this to say I love my new lenses and hope they continue to do well throughout the week when I'm on the computer all day!

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