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I had not one, but two people ask me today if I was pregnant, (That would have been way awkward if I wasn't, but I digress) so I figure that means my baby bump is probably big enough to post a picture. It still doesn't really seem that big yet, especially since it's really hard to tell when I'm wearing my scrubs. But I'll have Stu take a few shots this weekend, and post them up then.

I'm just starting to work my way through some baby names, because I am still so completely undecided. I created some loose criteria in which to follow, just to make it a little easier. It should be 2 or more syllables, not start with B, and I would like something that sounds a bit old-fashioned. And of course, Hubby has to like it. I've seen several names that I really, really like, but nothing really seems to fit. Every name I see is something cute for someone else's child. Growing up, I never had any names that I just had to use for my own kids, so I guess that's why everything fits awkwardly.

Suggestions would be appreciated. :-)

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  1. beth@thenaturalmommy said...
    Oh, oh, I have the *perfect* one. It's old-fashioned, but not 2 syllable, and I hope you can look past that.

    K, ready? Here it is:

    First name: John.
    Middle name: Wilkes.
    beth@thenaturalmommy said...
    Wait... wait... you're having a girl.

    beth@thenaturalmommy said...
    And I can't wait to see pictures of the bump!

    (And isn't it a bit disheartening to see that you've got three (3!) comments on your post, only to find out their from the SAME PERSON?)
    Joanna said...
    It's good you're having a girl, you can quickly rule out Beth Z's suggestion.

    There, a comment from someone else.
    ashley @ twentysixcats said...
    How about... Alyssa. Or Sarah. Or Heidi. Or Ashley. ;-) Just kidding about the last one!

    Or any of these would work:

    (Oops, Becky doesn't work... never mind)
    Beth said...
    Beth, maybe I can rearrange the letters in John Wilkes to come up with a unique girls name? On second thought, I'm not sure if Stu will go for that.

    Ashley, those are interesting suggestions, and they seem vaguely familiar . . . ;-)

    I think if I use Elizabeth, it would be with an "S" instead, because I think it would be really weird to use the name and spell it differently than my own. (Plus, I think the "s" is way prettier.)
    Kristin said...
    I am going through the same struggle right now. We had not problem naming our first two children. The third was a little harder, and now being pregnant with our fourth, it's nearly impossible!

    Come visit me at leave a comment letting me know you stopped by!
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