Meet and Greet Monday: The Perpetual Student

Here is a picture of my perpetual student at work. Isn't he cute? This photo was actually taken last year, when Hubby Dear was taking several clsses. He doesn't have so many classes now. He's doing rotations, which means he's in an actual hospital learning the practical side of medicine. He still studies all the time, though, and he's gone a lot more. :-(

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  1. Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...
    THAT is a classic WOPS photo right there. :-) How many more years does your hubby have left?
    Beth said...
    He has a year and 3 months left before he starts residency. I'm counting the days! :-)
    CC said...
    oh boy! I worked at a med school for a few years (and most of my classmates went to med school--we were all bio majors). I don't envy you this med school road one bit!
    Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...
    So "residency" is like "Scrubs," right? :-) Like he's a real doctor, but at the bottom of the totem pole?
    Beth said...
    Hehe. Yeah, exactly like Scrubs. ;-)

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