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Welcome to our home! Please wipe your feet and take off your shoes. (You might trample a kitty). Have some milk and cookies. This is our very first Christmas with both of the girls, and as you can see this has made decorating very interesting. We decided to keep the decorations sparse, so the only ones you will currently see at our house is in this corner. Here is our lovely tree, otherwise known as the kitty playhouse. The girls spend much time climbing the boughs in order to get a better view of the outside. The branch sticking out of the side is supposed to be at the bottom, but the kitties find it easier to climb without this branch in its rightful place. Take note that we have an ornamentless tree this year, since the kitties insist on chasing them.

Over here is our beautiful fireplace, which alas, has almost never be used. We hung the stockings with care, and fortunately they have only been attacked once. The one in the middle was made for me by my grandmother, while the ones at the ends were given to me for the kitties by my mom. Notice we are short one stocking.

Feel free to take a gander out on the balcony. This is a Christmas . . . um, tomato. The first of the season! We are hoping that we will have a bumper crop before the heat picks back up. :-) Although, the plant does look somewhat sad.

Well, thanks for stopping by! Don't forget your shoes, and please take some cookies on your way out!

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  1. ashley @ twentysixcats said...
    Aww what a pretty home. :-) So who doesn't get a stocking? Or do Lucy and Lily have to share? ;-) We have stockings for our kitties too. We actually have a bunch of stockings - 7 all total, though we only put 4 up. I should give one to you!
    Beth said...
    Stuart is the one without the stocking. :-( My mom gave me the two on the ends for the kitties. They were originally my uncle's, who used them for his cats. So yeah, Stu won't get any presents in his stocking this year.

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