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I'd like to strike through things on my fall cleaning list on my sidebar as I do them, but I'm unfamiliar with how to do that in Blogger. Any thoughts?

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  1. Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...
    To strike-through something, put a < s > (w/o the spaces) before it and a < / s > (w/o the spaces) after it.

    Hmmm, but it appears Blogger won't let you strike-through in comments. Will it not let you on your sidebar either?
    Joanna said...
    Rather than using a bulleted/numbered list for the tasks, use an HTML widget. You'll have to make your list with hyphens for bullets, but you'll be able to strike-out like Beth described, with the < s > tag
    Beth said...
    Thanks so much for the suggestions! Although, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do the < s > tag in Blogger. It's says it's not allowed. Joanna, how does one do an HTML widget thing? I'm completely clueless on this!
    Joanna said...
    Just as you added the "Bulleted List widget" to the sidebar to make the list, there's an "HTML/Javascript widget" that should be an option.
    When you have that widget open, it'll just be a text box. Type your list, and, as you finish things, surround them with the < s > tag, like this:

    - not done
    - < s >done< /s >

    To do this in a regular post (try it out!) click to HTML mode (not Compose mode) and put the tag around a group of words to see it work.

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