It's been a long few days . . .

Hubby and I have been talking the past few weeks about the possibility of getting another cat. It seemed like a crazy idea at first, but the more we thought about it, the more excited we got at the prospect. We would have another kitty to love, and Lucy would have a playmate! It seemed like a perfect plan.

We thought thought it was a possibility to go down to the shelter this past weekend, but we weren't sure we were quite ready for the commitment. So, we decided to wait. Well, I decided to be silly during my lunch break and just "check and see" if the shelter had any cute kittens. And there she was. The perfect kitten, on page 4 of the list of available kitties. She was "dilute calico and cream," as the description said. After getting Lucy, who is a glossy black, I really, really, really wanted a light colored cat--maybe gray, or light peachy orange. She was beautiful.

I called the shelter, and yes, she was still available for adoption. My heart skipped a beat. After work, I called Hubby and pleaded. We could go to the shelter that night and pick her up, since she was too cute to pass up. Hubby willingly said yes, if she was really the one I wanted.

After work, the rain started to pour. We were driving to the shelter, with me at the wheel. Traffic suddenly came to a standstill as we rounded a curve on the highway. For 45 minutes we waited, and finally made it just before the shelter closed. The nerves on the drive were torturous. What if someone took her home before we arrived?

Hubby and I headed inside and proceeded to fill out all the paperwork we needed. After that was complete, we showed the lady there a picture of the cream kitty. She looked her up, and yes, she was still available. My heart jumped for joy. I couldn't wait to see this precious kitty and hold her in my arms.

Hubby and I proceeded to the cages, and slowly circled around the room, looking to see our kitty sleeping or playfully batting at a friend. She wasn't there.

So, we circled again. And again. And one more time, just to be safe. I could feel my heart start to flutter. We asked for help from a lady who was sweeping the floors. Maybe, just maybe, our kitty was in the back. She took our slip of paper with her picture and headed to the back. And we waited.

She returned. She couldn't find our kitty. She suggested that maybe she was in a "Pet Parade" at a local mall, and that she would be back in a few days. All was not yet lost.

On Tuesday at work, I kept thinking about that kitty, and how much I wanted to have her as my own. I felt a knot in my stomach just worrying that she was already gone. I checked her picture online one last time before leaving work, and I called the shelter as soon as I got home. I asked about the kitty, and she said that yes, the kitten was still adoptable. I explained what happened the night before. She said she would find out the kitty's whereabouts for me, and that she would call me back.

When she did, I was told that the kitty was adopted.

I was crushed. Even still, another kitty had caught my eye while glancing at the perfect kitty's picture. She wouldn't be the same, or so I thought. Hubby reluctantly agreed to go back up the shelter that day, warning me not to get my hopes up, and I didn't.

We arrived at the shelter, and saw the second kitty I that I happened to see online. She was a beautiful white cat with brown tabby markings. We asked to see her, and immediately knew she was the one for us. She was playful, and cuddly, and the cutest thing I had ever seen. Here she is:

After waiting 2 days, we got to bring her home tonight.

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