The Beauty of Isaiah

This week's Carnival of Beauty is on the Beauty of Isaiah. Please be sure to check out all the lovely posts on this topic.

  • Barbara over at Fuel talks about an experience and a revelation she had of the truth of God's Word at a ladies retreat a few years ago. It was a transformational moment, and something that brings peace to her life. It is also a truth she intends to pass on to her children so they don't need to carry the baggage she carried along for so much of her life. Read more about "Can It Really Be True?"
  • And finally, Ashley wrote about her experiences running track and how she clung to Isaiah 40 for the strength and encouragement she needed to pursue to the end. Read more about "The Extra Push".
Thank you everyone for submitting your pieces! We hope everyone has a chance to reflect on the Beauty of Isaiah this week. Be sure to join the Carnival next week for the Beauty of Red!

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  1. Barbara said...
    Thanks for you hard work on this. Gives great Fuel for thought this week.
    麻辣火鍋Fay said...

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