Thankful for Friends

One thing I was very thankful for this year was the opportunity to spend time with my dear friend Beth, her husband, and her parents & sister! I enjoyed the Thanksgiving meal with them, and also shopping with Beth on Saturday. She came over to see our new townhouse, then we hit the mall. Fun times! I hope to make a visit to Texas to see her sometime in the next year or so. Having friends so far away is sad, but I'm thankful that I have gotten to see her so much!

I of course forgot my camera on Thanksgiving Day but we took a few pictures on Saturday!

My cats, Lewis and Ebony, weren't as thrilled as we were about the pictures! (Beth made that quilt that's behind us for my wedding - isn't it pretty?)

Best friends!

Hooray for shoe shopping! :-) We have similar tastes when it comes to shoes :-) (The khaki pants in the background are not us)

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  1. Beth said...
    Yay for pictures! It was so good to see you over break. I still haven't put those on my computer yet. :-) I'm so lazy.
    Amy said...
    Leave it to me to notice the quilt in the background, lol! Oooh, shoe shopping sounds fun. It's been too long...
    Ashley said...
    Hehe, I was wondering if you would notice the quilt, Amy! :-)
    chenmeinv0 said...

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