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After reading this post on the Maidens of Worth site, I thought I'd try my hand at sewing my own skirt. (HT: Susan). I've been meaning to at least attempt to sew my own, but every time I read the back of a pattern, I get overwhelmed by all the jargon and I don't even try. I've been sewing quilts for a couple of years, and I enjoy every minute of putting them together. Sewing a skirt can't be any harder, right?

I went to JoAnn's and picked up several skirt patterns (And a few dress and shirt patterns. They were selling the Simplicity patterns for a dollar apiece, how could I refuse?) I also found a beautiful fabric in the clearance bin, and there was plenty for my skirt. The pattern I picked for my first one was very easy--no zipper, or fusible interfacing, or anything like that. I already had thread and tons of white muslin for lining, so I just picked up the elastic I needed and then I was all set.

So here is the finished result!

I love this skirt! I've worn it to work already. I think I might make several more with this pattern with different fabrics. The best part was that it was so easy, and it only took a weekend. I'm used to quilting projects that take several months. Next I want to try a circle skirt pattern that uses a zipper, maybe in black and white (one of my favorite color combinations). It can't be that hard, right? :-)

I'm also working on another quilting project--a quilt for my dad. So far I've only got one block finished, but the others are part of the way done. I plan on having 9 blocks total (The finished size of each block is 15".) I'll set these on point, so the actual finished size of the quilt should be pretty big. (I'm not yet sure how big . . .)

So here is the completed block:

I love these colors and the pattern for this quilt, so I'm excited about completing this one. I hope to make one similar for my own home one day.

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  1. Ashley said...
    Wow, Beth, I love that skirt! And good job on getting it finished in one weekend. :-) I bet it looks really nice on you, too. As a proud recipient of one of your quilts, I know you're going to do a great job with your dad's quilt! :-)

    P.S. I see you got curtains on your windows! :-)
    Anonymous said...
    Nice skirt!!
    I've tried several times to sew, but I just can't stick to it. *hangs head in shame* :-/
    Anonymous said...
    Hey, that's so cool! We just commented at the same time, Ashley! :-)
    Ashley said...
    Oh yes, and see you in FIVE days!!! :-D
    Ashley said...
    We did it a second time too, Hannah. :-)
    Anonymous said...
    Hehehe... that's TOO fun. What are the odds?!
    Susan said...
    That skirt is so pretty, Beth! Thank you for sharing pictures :). I love the "swish." Skirts with side zippers really aren't hard, so I'm sure the next will turn out fine :). And your quilt block is so pretty! Is that a churn and dasher block in the middle, surrounded by some sort of star effect? That's pretty! I've been slowly working on a double wedding ring quilt as my current quilt project, but I keep laying it aside to finish other projects.
    Anne said...
    That's a pretty skirt! Good job doing it on your own (this said from a girl that cannot sew!)
    Amy said...
    You did a lovely job! I need to sew myself a skirt someday soon.

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