Fridge Meme

Amy at Contemplations Amid Chaos tagged me for the fridge meme! Here is my fridge:

Because we spend so little time in the kitchen, I don't put much thought into the fridge decorations. :-) And in one week when we move, I'm sure it will be cleaned off and the fridge in the new house will look quite a bit different. The most used item is the whiteboard on the side where we keep track of shopping lists and notes to each other.

The other items are kind of just random pictures, postcards, comics, and magnets I've acquired in the past year of living in this house. I have a phone directory for my company to the right of the whiteboard. Displayed prominantly on the front is a cool art thing Paul made for me: The Alien and the Redhead, as he calls it. (He considers himself an alien for some reason, and I am a redhead. I think it's cute. :-)) He made it out of paint and apple halves. But I think that's it as far as interesting things on my fridge. :-)

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  1. Amy said...
    Thanks for playing Ashley :)
    beth said...
    I'd like to know when Paul did that painting! He just had some spare time, paint, and apple halves at home and thought, "I'll paint an alien and a redhead with this!" It definately looks like a project I did with my 3 year olds a couple years ago. :-D
    Ashley said...
    Beth: Yeah, basically. :-) I have no clue what prompted him to embark on such a craft project. He doesn't work with children and doesn't babysit, so we can't blame that. He was really cute when he gave it to me, though. Just like a little kid! Told me it was a present and everything. I'll have to ask him why he made it. :-)
    chenmeinv0 said...

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