Free CD Giveaway!

Recently we have received in our possession a CD by Jeremy Camp called "Restored". Since neither of us are as much Jeremy Camp fans, we thought we'd give it away to someone who would appreciate it!

To win this fine, still-in-the-original-wrappings CD, all you have to do is mention this blog on your site! You can link to any specific post or just this blog in general! Then leave a comment here so we know to put you in the running. We'll choose one person at random (probably the old-fashioned method of closing our eyes and pulling a piece of paper from a hat) and announce it here on Friday, October 6th at 9pm (CDT). The winner then needs to email us her address so we can get it out into the mail! (We'll mail it to anyone in the US and we're willing to work with anyone outside of the US. :-))

If you don't want the CD then we would invite you to go ahead and share the news on your blog anyways in case any of your readers are interested. And yes, this is a shameless plug to get our name out there. :-)

Questions? Comments? Email us at

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  1. Joanna said...
    I starred your Jeremy Camp post, so it will appear on my site until another 5 of my friends blog something interesting and it gets pushed out of the 'Notes from Friends' box... Does that count as a link? :-P
    It doesn't matter whether it counts or not, I'm leaving it starred! :)
    beth said...
    I did it! Actually you're on my site twice. Once in the Google Reader and you also get your own post dedicated to you and your awesome-ness. Aren't I deserving?
    beth said...
    Oh, I forgotted! You're also on my facebook, because it automatically uploads my blogs! That's THREE times! I get my name written on THREE separate pieces of paper, right? :-D
    chenmeinv0 said...

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