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My husband and I are looking for some fun activities to do together. Lately we've been at a loss for what to do with ourselves. Since it is so hot outside, we've pretty much been stuck inside, and there isn't much to do. It would be great to have some activity or game that is free or relatively inexpensive, even better if it can be done inside (at least until October).

For example, we love to play disc golf. Actually, there is a gorgeous course near our college in Cloudland Canyon State Park. We would go all the time in the fall and spring, when the weather was absolutely wonderful. Now that we are in hot ol' Texas, we don't play nearly as much. It's just too hot to play! We each have a few discs, and there is a free course right near our apartment, but it's not the same as back at school.

Other than that, we are clean out of ideas! Any thoughts?

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  1. Ashley said...
    That's a tough one! Paul and I haven't quite figured it out. We do like to read together, so we'll do that a lot, and play some games together. We also both love history, so we like to read up on the history of places we visit. We'd like to learn about and visit all the places in the area - you know how you say you never see the things in your hometown unless someone comes to visit? Yeah we want to change that!

    I don't know if any of those ideas help at all, but they are a start!
    Daniel and Teresa said...
    I've been trying to think of what activities Daniel and I do inside. Like Ashley and Paul, we read together a lot, play games, etc. Some other ideas are puzzles, crosswords, or learning something together (we're working on Spanish!). You could also buy a dance instructional video (like Waltz or Swing, etc.) and dance together. Also, a couple we know once told us that they buy pottery (unpainted) and paint it together.
    Ashley said...
    I was reading "A Gracious Home" and there was a post there on the same topic! Here is the link: Andrea asks about...
    Ashley said...
    Paul and I like to do websites together, too. So I'm wondering if there is something that you and Stuart could do that involves using your unique talents and skills to create something... if that makes sense.

    Other ides are getting involved in volunteer work. Habitat for Humanity, soup kitchens, food banks, etc. Perhaps the internet could yield some indoor opportunities that both you and Stu could do together.
    Jenny said...
    We like to house improvement projects, paint furniture or walls, hang new lights... I don't know if you own or rent but getting garage sale furniture and making a weekend project out of it is a lot of fun. We also liked to go rock climbing (before we had kids). There are lots of indoor rock gyms and it's a lot of fun.

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